How to build your Portrait?

Step 1

Choose the Background.

Step 2

From left to right, and with the codes listed on the photos, follow this format for each individual/person.


Repeat this as many times as the number of people on the portrait. So, if you want 6 people on the design, you should have 6 lines with this format.

Note: Props are optional

Step 3 (optional)

Also from the listed photos, choose the pets you want on your portrait. Note that these will usually be put at the ends of the design, unless it's stated otherwise.

Step 4

Right the sentence you want on the top of your print.

Step 5

There is another personalization box to add any additional information that you feel it will be important for us to consider.

Step 6

Make the payment and pay attention to your e-mail as in the next 24 hours, you will get the preview of your design so you can make any necessary changes.

Step 7

Once you approve the final work, you will get 2 high resolution files: 1 JPEG and 1PDF if you chose the Print Yourself Option. If you did, we advise you to print it on a heavy weighted paper for better results. To all the other options, the final design, will be printed and shipped to the address given at the checkout.